12 Health Factors That Affect a Man’s Sex Life

I have been trying my best to quit smoking but I just don’t seem to get out of the habit!

Ever since I have heard about the lockthecock fetish, I have begun fantasizing if it is the right one for me. I have been in a relationship with my beau who thinks that I cannot keep an erection for too long. She was in a hushed tone trying to hint at telling me if some kind of role-playing would help us.

There are several reasons why a man cannot get an erection or keep it long enough to satisfy his partner. But it all boils down to health.

My doctor and the local health coordinator have both suggested that I quit smoking and I have told them that I a desperate to get out of this habit albeit even if drugs and therapy help. But the withdrawal is too intense and I give in as soon as the effect begins. You know it is extremely difficult to come out of nicotine. It sometimes drives me mad if I do not smoke for a day or two. My limbs begin to shake and I am generally inefficient.

Exercising is what I do but the effect is lost:

Exercising as much as even two to three hours in a week, even brisk walking will help you have a healthy sex life. But the problem with me is that my smoking makes the effect null and void and I end up in square one.

Sharing camaraderie with your partner is a must:

My partner is wonderful. She has been with me and around me for as long as five years and she has been a constant source of support. I know I can quit smoking if she sticks around with me imparting the same kind of support and love that she has always in happiness and strife. I cannot thank god enough for her.