How Early Sailors Navigated The Oceans

It is interesting to know how the early sailors used to navigate. Those were not the days when you had a GPS to tell you the direction. Life is simple today and all that you need to do is to key in the address and your smartphone shows you the exact direction to reach the destination. But that was not how things worked with the early sailors.

At 4yacht learn how the sailors used to navigate. Know how they could navigate between places and also go around the world.

  • Shipping vessels were prone to storms, winds, and currents and that could cause the sailor to miss his location. There was always confusion whether the ship was on the right course and for that, the early sailors used birds to fly over the ship. If the birds flew randomly then this meant that there was no land close by. However, if the bird flew away from the ship then there was a possibility that there was land close by.

  • The sailors also used mathematics to understand how far they were from land. They found out the speed of their boat and the distance from the port. These two data was used to find out the location in the sea. This method was however very unreliable and did not work in the ocean.

  • Next, the sailors started to find out their latitude and longitude on the sea which improved their chances of reaching their destination. Finding out the latitude was easy but it was a trouble to get the longitude. They used the sun and a clock to determine the longitude.

Today, however, a lot has changed and the GPS system lets the sailors sail with ease. The technology is so advanced that it can also let a ship sail by itself, just by controlling it remotely.