The Best Tips for Choosing Toys for Toddlers

Toddlers explore the world around them with the sense of smell and taste and that is why everything that they find interesting finds its way to their mouths. It is therefore important for parents to take extra care while buying toys for their little ones. Not only should they pay attention to the material and paint used but should also choose toys that are easy to clean. Here are a few tips to help you search for the perfect toys for your toddlers.

  1. Always buy toys that are age-appropriate.
  2. Ensure that the toys do not have any sharp edges or pointy objects jutting out.
  3. There are a lot of toys available in the market which is very attractive and inexpensive but for the safety of your child do not choose toys made from materials containing heavy metals, BPA, or phthalates. Choose wooden toys and those using non-toxic water-based glues and paints. 100% rubber toys are also safe for kids to play.
  4. Choose toys which are too big to fit into a toddler’s mouth. No toy must have small detachable parts. Rattles, a hot favorite, must be at least 4 cm big with no detachable parts.
  5. Yes, fur toys are very attractive and cuddly but avoid them for your toddlers because they gather dust and can give rise to allergies and even eczema.
  1. When buying battery operated toys ensure that the lid is secured in place by screws and your toddler cannot open it.
  2. Toddlers toys must not have springs or hinges as tiny fingers can get trapped in them or hair can get stuck in them. And if your toddler puts it in the mouth there is a chance that the hinge latches to the lips and cause pain and cuts.
  3. Even though toy manufacturer claim nerf automatic guns to be safe for kids, they are not suitable for toddlers.