How To Write An Argumentative Essay: Expert Advice &Best Topic Ideas

An argumentative essay is a method of writing where you will have to investigate a topic. You are required to generate, collect and evaluate the evidence and be able to establish a stance on the subject in a very concise manner.

You may have to collect information through surveys, experiments, and observations. A detailed study on the topic and understanding the different angles and various viewpoints of the subject would help in getting to write explicit material, without any confusion. You need to have a clear thesis and also write your essay with sound reasoning.


To write an argumentative essays, you will have to follow a basic pattern.


  • The introduction should get the readers attention to your topic. You can write a story or a quote; An argumentative essay introduction should not offer arguments or provide analysis. The presentation should set the point that you wish to discuss later. It should not have any evidence or support. The introduction creates a road map for the rest of the topic; however, take care that it should not be self-evident about how you will be arguing on the issue.



  • The background lets the reader get a better understanding of the issue that you are about to present. It is where you can offer history or context that will be crucial to explaining your point to the reader.


  • Your thesis should start now where you state the essence of the topic. It is where you will sum up what you want to say. This statement should set your position on an issue and which a reader can argue adjacent. Thus, you cannot put here.


There are many topics for Argumentative essays that you can choose from. You, however, need to make sure that you have the required proof for every viewpoint that you present.…