5 Reasons Why Educational Toys Are Important For Childhood Development

Educational toys let the child play and learn. Many parents do not realize that the educational toys actually help in the child’s development. It is important that the right toy as per the age of the child is chosen so that the child is able to learn while playing. DoodleBuckets tells you ways in which the educational toys help in the development of your child.

Motor skills

The toys are useful in developing the gross motor and the fine motor skills of the baby. There are toys that let a child walk and also let him imagine stuff. For example, toys like building blocks are great to develop imagination and fine motor skills of a child. When a child plays with toys it helps to improve the cognitive skills and lets the child learn. It also helps in developing hand-eye coordination.

Develops cognitive skills

Cognitive skills are developed through playing toys and educational games. When the child names the toys and learns shapes or numbers it is a great start because the child does not realize that it is basically learning stuff through toys. It also helps in problem-solving and for the elder kids it helps in teaching concentration and developing memory.

Develops social skills

The educational toys make the child develops social skills. The pretend to play toys let children understand emotions. Toys also let children bond and learn to share when they play together.


Children enjoy playing roleplay games. They learn how to pretend and develop empathy. The role play games let the child work on their creativity and encourage emotional development

Be creative

The educational toys let the child come up with new ideas and use his imagination to play with the toys. You will be wondered to see how a child starts mixing up two toys and imagines and plays with it.